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Contest - Just Squiddin' Around

Introducing the first ever Ink Drop Café fanart contest!

The challenge?
Draw our mascot, Squiddy!

Squiddy is a very small squid -- small enough to fit in a teacup!
Squiddy is very friendly, and likes discussions about tea, comics, and art. Feel free to draw Squiddy on its own, or with your character!
Entries are listed in alphabetical order of the submitter's pen name.

Views and content on sites associated with our entrants may not reflect the views of Ink Drop Café. As they are external, please browse them at your discretion.
We've arranged an assortment of books, prints, and other goodies to be given out to the winners!

1st Place: 1 copy of Clip Studio Paint Pro (English-Physical); 1 copy of 7" Kara (Courtesy of Becca) & 1 Wooden Charm; 2 A5 Prints & 4 stickers (Courtesy of Mharz); 1 signed copy of Fate (Courtesy of Anthea); 1 signed copy of Galebound (TWCC Edition) (Courtesy of Respheal); 1 signed copy of Ellie of the Stars Chapter 1 (Courtesy of Shoona)

2nd Place: 1 custom single-character half-body illustration (Courtesy of Kabocha); 1 copy of Lilliputian Living, 1 copy of 31 Days Under the Waves, & 1 wooden charm (Courtesy of Becca); 1 A5 Print & 4 stickers (courtesy of Mharz); 1 original drawing of a Dustbunny (Courtesy of Anthea); 1 signed copy Help!! Ghost & 1 Ellie of the Stars Bookmark (courtesy of Shoona)

3rd Place: 1 copy of Lilliputian Living,1 copy of 31 Days Under the Waves, 1 Wooden Charm, & 1 mini print (courtesy of Becca); 4 Stickers (Courtesy of Mharz); 1 original drawing of Squiddy (Courtesy of Anthea); 1 signed copy Help!! Ghost & 1 Ellie of the Stars Bookmark (courtesy of Shoona)

The majority of these prizes will be delivered by mail, so winners will be contacted to provide a shipping address.

How to enter
Contest entries were accepted until May 31, 2018 at 11:59PM US-Eastern time.

By submitting a contest entry to Ink Drop Café, you agree to the following terms:
You grant Ink Drop Café permission to post a version of the piece (no wider than 800px) on the Ink Drop Café website (, with credit to you.
To facilitate this, we may create a section on the website dedicated specifically to contest entries.

You are welcome (and encouraged!) to post your entry on social media -- we ask that you tag inkdropcafe (on Twitter or Tumblr!) so that we can retweet/reblog it!
Judging will be handled by currently active Ink Drop Café Members, beginning June 1, 2018. Winners will be announced on June 16, 2018, and contacted shortly thereafter.
Judges will vote for their favorites, conducted using Instant Runoff Voting to rank the winners.