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Nattosoup Art & Process Blog
The Nattosoup Studio Art & Process Blog is focused on a building community of students, artists, and crafters who share a passion for illustration and a vision of equal opportunity art education. For eight years, the blog has expanded efforts to help level the commercial art playing field by writing blog posts to demonstrate, educate, and enlighten fresh comic artists and illustrators. There is also an associated Youtube channel, focused on education through interviews, demonstrations, tutorials, and reviews.
Paper Cat Press Avatar
Paper Cat Press is a blog that hosts lists of creative opportunities, crowdfunding campaigns, creator interviews, and informative resources for contemporary illustrators, writers, creative fans, and comic artists. Each Friday, a new Weekly Roundup features curated opportunities, calls for submissions, resources, exciting crowdfunded projects, deals, giveaways, and more. Paper Cat Press also features original articles, like this one that compares the costs of popular online storefronts and marketplaces, and interviews, like these ones with Jacques Nyemb and Arnar Heidmar.
Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars is a webste providing various Photoshop brushes and other resources. The website has been providing these downloads since approximately 2009, and has expanded to offering image packs and Clip Studio resources.
StArt Faire
StArt Faire is an online monthly comic magazine with an emphasis on fantasy themed comics (comics that have one element out of the ordinary in them), and has a loose PG-13 rating. It was created by an artist for other artists, and for fans of comics, as a not for profit project that aspires to unite artists in a collaborative effort to bring the concept of the Japanese comic magazine to an international and online format.